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02 Jul

Quiz for US travel with the Visa Waiver Program/ESTA


Think you know the USA pretty well? Try your hand at this quick US Travel Quiz to see how well you know your states, and if you know how to get there!

There’s one correct answer for each question, which you can find at the bottom of this page. If you don’t get 20 out of 20, then you should use your next trip to the USA to brush up on your knowledge! Apply for ESTA online today to get your adventure started.

Good luck!






1.    Which of the following cities has the largest population?
a.    Dallas, Texas
b.    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
c.    San Diego, California
d.    Phoenix, Arizona


2.    Which of the following is the tallest building in the USA?
a.    Trump Tower, Chicago
b.    The Empire State Building, New York
c.    Willis Tower, Chicago
d.    One World Trade Center, New York


3.    How long does it take to get ESTA authorization?
a.    Eight weeks
b.    One day
c.    Three working days
d.    One week


4.    In which state would you find the famous Yellowstone National Park?
a.    Wyoming
b.    Montana
c.    Idaho
d.    All of the above


5.    Roughly speaking, how long is the drive from New York to Los Angeles?
a.    About six hours
b.    About twelve hours
c.    About a day
d.    About two days


6.    Under the Visa Waiver Program, which of the following purposes is not eligible for travel with ESTA?
a.    Tourism
b.    Layover flight
c.    Moving in with a spouse
d.    A conference visit


7.    In which state was the Super Bowl that saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in 2018?
a.    Minnesota
b.    California
c.    New Mexico
d.    North Dakota


8.    Which state is home to the famous Alcatraz prison?
a.    Minnesota
b.    California
c.    New Mexico
d.    North Dakota


9.    Which of these typical dishes might you expect to find in Louisiana?
a.    Clam chowder
b.    Creole gumbo
c.    Enchiladas verdes
d.    Deep-dish pizza


10.    Which of these cities is entirely landlocked?
a.    Houston
b.    Detroit
c.    Chicago
d.    Denver


11.    Which of these names is Texas nicknamed
a.    The Golden State
b.    The Lone Star State
c.    The Empire State
d.    The Sunshine State


12.    What is the maximum length of time the ESTA can be valid for?
a.    90 days
b.    1 year
c.    2 years
d.    10 years


13.    What is the maximum length of time you can spend in the USA with ESTA in any one trip?
a.    90 days
b.    1 year
c.    2 years
d.    10 years


14.    New York’s Statue of Liberty was a gift from which country?
a.    The United Kingdom
b.    Canada
c.    Germany
d.    France


15.    Which of these iconic 20th Century novels deals with the dust bowl that caused a vast migration towards California?
a.    Gone with the Wind
b.    The Grapes of Wrath
c.    The Great Gatsby
d.    On the Road


16.    Which of the following people do not need ESTA authorisation?
a.    People with valid US visas
b.    Children under the age of 5
c.    People travelling for business
d.    Tourists


17.    In which state would you find Mount Rushmore?
a.    Nebraska
b.    South Dakota
c.    Ohio
d.    Washington


18.    After English and Spanish, what is the most spoken language at home in the USA?
a.    French
b.    Korean
c.    Tagalog
d.    Chinese


19.    When did the 50th state, Hawaii, form part of the United States?
a.    1899
b.    1929
c.    1959
d.    1999


20.    How many trips can you make to the US within the ESTA validity period?
a.    1
b.    Up to 3
c.    Up to 10
d.    Unlimited
















1: b. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2: d. One World Trade Center, New York
3: b. One day
4: d. All of the above, although the vast majority is found in Wyoming
5: d. About two days
6: c. Moving in with a spouse
7: a. Minnesota
8: b. California
9: b. Creole gumbo
10: d. Denver
11: b. The Lone Star State
12: c. 2 years
13: a. 90 days
14: d. France
15: c. The Great Gatsby
16: a. People with valid US visas
17: b. South Dakota
18: d. Chinese
19: c. 1959
20: d. Unlimited