ESTA Travel Blogs

01 Nov

Recommendations for successful travel to the US with children

Understanding documents and protocols for minors under age 18
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02 Oct

ESTA application recommendations

Navigate the ESTA application process successfully and simply by following this guide
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05 Sep

Head Outdoors for Winter Fun in the USA

ESTA VWP Travel: winter activities that offer space to roam
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15 Aug

ESTA Travel: USA Landmarks Re-Open with a Focus on Visitor Safety

US National Parks including Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Park are open with new safety protocols to ensure ESTA visitors can safely enjoy the great outdoors
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07 Jul

Coronavirus and the New Face of ESTA Travel

What will the new normal be? Learn about the airline and cruise industry plans to make travel safer.
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04 Jun

COVID-19 News – Europe and the USA begin to reopen

ESTA travel: The US and Europe are easing stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions. Learn how it will affect ESTA approved travel for latter 2020
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